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Each year over 300 international orchestral soloists and conductors are engaged to perform with one or more of our six Member orchestras.  Symphony Services International undertakes contract management and international tour co-ordination on behalf of these orchestras.

This service includes contracting and paying artists, procuring visas and making travel arrangements.  Tour co-ordination and contracting for commercial artistic activities are also provided.

Symphony Services International also offers international tour co-ordination services to non-Member organisations including orchestras, recording companies, festivals, training institutions and anyone else who needs to bring an international artist into Australia.  The services offered include all of the activities listed above, except contracting.

In some cases, artists coming to Australia to work with our Member orchestras also perform with other organisations.  When Symphony Services International obtains the artist’s visa for a co-presentation, we charge the co-presenter a fee of $100 plus GST per artist which covers obtaining the visa as well as the artist’s TFN, ABN and super fund and international travel negotiations/bookings (co-presenters may be required to contribute to international airfares on a pro-rata basis).   If required to make the artist’s payment and other remittances on behalf of co-presenters, the fee is $100 for the visa, plus 10% of the fee that is paid to the artist (up to $500/artist/tour) plus any out of pocket costs.  We can also organise the artist’s domestic travel for an additional fee.

For enquiries dealing with visas, air travel and pro-rata arrangements or any general enquiries:

Justin Boschetti, Artist Services Manager

Tel: + 61 (0)2 8622 9473

For enquiries dealing with contracts and accommodation:

Lachlan Wright, Artist Services Co-ordinator

Tel: + 61 (0)2 8622 9461

For enquiries dealing with fee payments, financial information, taxation and superannuation questions:

Teresa Majewski, Artist Finance Officer

Tel: + 61 (0)2 8622 9467